Department Statement

The Department of Dermatology incorporates perhaps the broadest range of clinical services, research, and teaching activities of any academic department. Clinically the department offers services in the areas of general dermatology, medical dermatology, pediatric dermatology, dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology, cutaneous oncology, and cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology. The Department's research activities span a broad range of investigative endeavors. These include basic science efforts in cutaneous biology, immunology, tumor biology, gene therapy, and cutaneous imaging; translational programs in vaccine design, viral and tumor immunotherapy, and cutaneous gene delivery; and clinical investigations of novel therapeutics including the use of immunomodulators and immunotherapies for the treatment of melanoma, psoriasis, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, the development of photodynamic therapies for skin cancers, and the application of bioinformatics to the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease, and the development of preventative and patient education strategies for the prevention of cutaneous neoplasms. The Department continues to grow, increasing access to clinical services while providing specialized care in our specialty clinics. Our outpatient facilities encompass four office locations including our Oakland, Shadyside, the University of Pittsburgh Hillman Cancer Center and Wexford outpatient clinics. The Department of Dermatology continues to embark on new initiatives designed to foster continued growth, and to establish the department as a center of excellence in clinical care, education, and research, and a leading center for academic dermatology.

Louis D. Falo, Jr., MD-PHD
Chairman and Professor of Dermatology